Industry Testimonials

Scott has seen literally thousands of auditions as a reader for me and other Casting Directors. He knows what’s successful and more importantly… what’s not!

Diane Kerbel, CSA

I not only trust Scott within this position but value his input and ability to adapt to actors’ individual needs. Working so closely with actors, producers, directors, and casting directors has given Scott a unique perspective very few are fortunate to experience.

Jonathan Oliveira, CSA

I have worked with Scott in the audition room for close to 10 years now and he has been instrumental in helping the actors book the job. He could easily run a session by himself with the amount of knowledge he has learned from all our sessions. I trust him entirely.

Robin D. Cook, CSA

I really loved it and I learned a lot from it. You helped me clear up some things that I wasn’t sure about it and gave some great pointers that I think will help me in future auditions.

Brian Jansen

I really had a great time at your workshop! It was incredibly useful and jam-packed with important information which a newbie like me needs. The way you communicate is very open and honest, and you cut out all the BS — really appreciated it!

Juhi Gupta


This is exactly the kind of workshop I’ve been looking for. Without breaking the bank you offer an insightful and realistic approach to casting in Toronto. With all of your experience working as a reader alongside many of the top casting directors in the city you gave practical advice on audition etiquette and gave us a chance to ask questions about what to do (and especially what not do too) in the room. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on the 1 or 2 liner roles because that is what I often go out for. I would absolutely recommend ‘Demystifying the Room’ to any of my peers who want to understand the process from casting’s point of view and ultimately book more roles!

Andrew Fleming
The workshop was great and was exactly what I expected. It’s nice to have a candid conversation with someone who’s been in the room for so long and get insights on things we as actors are not privy to…All in all, this was a VERY valuable workshop and I think a lot of actors would benefit from it. Apart from practical knowledge, it is empowering for actors to understand the other side of the table when things seem so out of our control most of the time. I’ll make sure to recommend it to fellow actors.

Nabil Traboulsi