Scene Study

Each actor will have two scenes to work with along with two partners, giving the actor twice as many opportunities to play. Scenes will be a combination of classic theatre and modern TV/Film.  Scene study will also include classes in cold reading, something every actor should be able to excel at.

Actors will never be required to rehearse with their partners outside of class (much like professional TV and film) but will instead focus on the homework of the scene at home, preparing them to come in and play come class time. There will be no “method” or “acting technique” taught. We will help the actor find their child like side again that allows them to play pretend and use the circumstances of the story to exercise this long forgotten muscle of ours.

I have provided a few links that help illustrate how I work, based on the teachings of Harry Mastrogeorge, whom I studied and worked with for almost two decades in Los Angeles from 1995-2009.

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